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Welcome to Resurface

Thank you so much for being here.

This is a space for creating deeper connections — not only to others, but to parts of ourselves that have been forgotten, neglected, or are simply waiting to be discovered.

We rarely see how powerful we truly are — we don’t see how much we light up the world around us, simply by existing.

That’s where Resurface comes in. It’s here to be your mirror, reflecting back what you may not see, what you might have missed, or guide you to find more magic.

It’s a space for:

  • Understanding how creative expression can help us to unearth our true, powerful selves

  • Discovering what’s blocking our energy and holding us back

  • Allowing us to break free of unhelpful patterns and conditioning

  • Sinking down into the depths sometimes, to float back up to the surface, renewed — drifting closer to who we really are

  • Real-life stories of exceptional humans, that we can all learn from

Who am I?

Ciao, I’m Tamzin.

I’m an intuitive artist, writer and mentor originally from Ireland, though I’ve lived in many different countries over the last ten years.

In 2021, I spent eight weeks in hospital following fifteen years of battling with my health. During my stay in hospital, I began to write. I found, much to my surprise, that my words gave readers tools to gain a deeper understanding, insight and acceptance of themselves. As a result, here we are on Substack!

I’m on a mission to explore and hold space for the true and diverse stories of brave and resilient humans (that means you too, by the way), which I share here on Substack. This is part of an art project I began in 2022 called Soul Signs.

To create deep understanding, empathy and connection, I believe that we need to share our life experiences — to hold space, to listen to one another. When we do, we find that we have so much more in common than we thought, we can all learn from and relate to each other. Sharing our stories builds a world with more compassion and love.

My passion is to make you feel seen, heard and understood in your experience, as the whole and exceptional being you are.

You can learn more about working with me here.

What you can expect:

Free subscribers:

  • Bi-weekly “Visual Treats” straight to your inbox — an image, artwork or illustration accompanied by a short poem or prompt for you to reflect on

  • You’ll be the first to see the latest Soul Sign portraits and read the inspirational stories which I publish exclusively here on Substack

  • Weekly essays or features

  • Discounts and special offers on my packages and artwork

Paid subscribers, all of the above, plus:

  • Access to full archive of paywalled posts and ability to comment on all posts

  • If you sign up for one year, you receive a FREE pack of sustainable cards and postcard from my collection

  • Occasional workshops on all things Resurfacing: mindfulness, energetic blocks, confidence, how to embrace the rejected parts of ourselves, etc.

  • Hopefully more lovely things that I have yet to think of! I’m open to any suggestions…?

Founding members, all of the above, plus:

  • A free one-to-one mentoring session via zoom (or in-person, if we happen to be in the same place at the same time!). So far, I’ve done this with a few truly lovely fellow-Substackers who used the session to brainstorm their creative strategy here on this platform, or to overcome energetic or creative blocks.

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I am a visual artist, writer and mentor. I pierce through the rubbish to get straight to the heart, to uncover the gems in our stories. Here to guide people to unearth their true energy through intuitive artwork and soul work.