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My name is Tamzin Merivale and I am an artist and a writer, and I’m here to be your swordfish; to pierce through the rubbish and get straight to the heart of things.

In 2021, I spent eight weeks in hospital following a health crisis that I had been battling for many years. During my stay in hospital, I began to write and I found, much to my surprise, that my reflections gave readers tools to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves.

My passion is to create deeper connections, to be a conduit for women’s voices, and to use creative expression to help us all unearth our true, powerful selves.

I’m also on a mission to explore and hold space for the true and diverse stories of brave people, and to share those stories here via this newsletter. This is part of a project I began in 2022 called Soul Signs, which I’m so passionate about.

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If you’d like to know a little bit more about me before hitting subscribe, I recommend this post for some strange facts about me, and this one for an honest account of the worse version of myself, the version I sought to hide.

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Sifting through the rubble, to uncover the hidden gemstones and unearth more pleasure in our lives. I share real-life stories and secrets we can learn from, to help us grow and evolve into who we truly are.



Artist, Writer, Swordfish - piercing through the rubbish to get straight to the heart. I write about letting go of dead weight, to float back up to the light. Let’s sift through the rubble, uncover the gems and unearth more pleasure in our lives.